Marc Horowitz

I am a Los Angeles based artist. I released my own cryptocurrency, hCoin, in 2015. After establishing several multinational crypto-based enterprises, I hunkered down and had a family and learned to hunt. I have exhibited in Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Hayward Gallery, CreativeTime, and the Berggruen Institute... I've done TV pilots for E! and MTV. I have several books. I have too many high profile degrees and I was a high hurdler in high school. My creative process resembles a dynamic interplay, where each facet influences and nurtures the others, resulting in a continually developing array of artistic output. Hence CEO to animation to flower paintings to performance to legacy painting to land art. I'm currently focused on being a good human being, a good husband, and a good dad. If you wanna waste my time, I simply won't let you. But, know this, when you collect my work, you can look forward to generational wealth. So don't fk this up.
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