Infinite Mother v1.0, Cutscene

A cutscene — Set in a hellish dreamscape subverting the archetypal shanshui or Chinese rockery, the first cutscene from experimental video game Infinite Mother follows a reconstruction of Lii’s depraved self. Anthropomorphized into an insectoid avatar, Lii takes the viewer on a frenetic journey—in a last-ditch attempt to garner the attention of an emotionally-absent mother who busies herself over-cultivating a garden at the expense of nurturing her children. Informed by viriditas, or the divine force of nature, Infinite Mother’s verdant hellscape backdrops a persevering child who is left to contend with the unforgiving forces of Mother Nature in the absence of her mother. Guised as a fever dream, the machinima mourns lost time and the death of filial piety. The classic beauty of grottos in Chinese mountain-water landscapes is pulled down into an underworld, yet remains elapsing in broad daylight: an irreverence to Lii’s personal cosmology—a conflicting, diasporic battleground for examining the mother wound.
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